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Interview with Todd Michlitsch

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On 4/5/2019 at 12:31 PM, King_Balrog said:

Technically the campaign for Lothal is first correct? Rogue one could fit right in in this area below. In fact it looks like FFG has been retroactively going back in time with the most recent sets.

There are multi-year time jumps between each film and a 15+ year gap before the prequels and first film.


Revenge of the Sith Film Events (There are around 20 Years between ROS and ANH)    -Luke is born at the end of ROS and is 19 years old at the start of A New Hope.

  • Events of Solo (in no particular order)

7) Tyrants of Lothal (In no particular order)

6) Heart of the Empire (In no particular order)

  • Rogue One (Just before A New Hope begins)


A New Hope Film Events (Inquisitor, Obi Wan, and Greedo are dead. Some of Ghost crew are dead/missing. Thrawn is missing. Rogue Oners are dead.)

1) Core Campaign

  • 2) Twin Shadows (Probably Happens Here)
  • 4) Bespin Gambit (Probably Happens Here)


Empire Strikes Back Film Events (3ish Years After ANH)

3) Return to Hoth

4) Bespin Gambit (Could Happen Here)

5) Jabba's Realm


Return of the Jedi Film Events (1 Year after ESB)   -Luke is around 25 Years old

Right, I'm not saying that the Rogue One crew weren't alive during the events of some existing campaigns, but that their involvement would seem odd.


So like, having Cassian or K2 working for the Rebellion makes sense- kind of for the same reason I'd imagine Hera and Chop were added long before the rest of the Ghosts. Their involvement with the Rebellion is bigger than just what little we see on screen.


But someone like Chirrut?  He's with the Rebellion for like a day, and we see it all on screen.  That's what I mean by them being more "restricted".



Timelines in IA are pretty fascinating, though. Makes me want to revisit an article I wrote on it a while ago.

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7 hours ago, subtrendy2 said:

But someone like Chirrut?  He's with the Rebellion for like a day, and we see it all on screen.  

Assuming that's even a concern for the designers, it's easy enough to work around that in anything set before Rogue One.

Obviously we have to ignore the timeline discrepancies created by being able to bring characters into campaign missions that take place before or after those characters existed in the form represented by their deployment (all the dead/missing folks plus characters like Jedi Luke) but that's hardly new. As for designing missions that include the characters, set it before Rogue One and use what we know from other materials. Maybe on Jedha working with Baze and Chirrut to help refugees or secure some Force artifacts or some such or with Saw against the Empire. There are already plenty of "not exactly Rebel business" missions for characters like Han so just use something like that for Jyn.

If you really want to go for some poignancy, maybe do some early campaign missions as flashbacks to the heroes working with the Rogue One characters before moving to the main story of the heroes doing a similar mission to get the info about the second Death Star or some other such crucial but probably suicidal mission. 

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I gotta say that @Weatherwax2099 pretty much nailed this one on the head.

There are a myriad of ways to come up with mission specifics that allow for a character with limited screen time to be a figure in this game.

Looking at Greedo, Obi-Wan and Inquisitor is all you need to do. (all of which were supposed to be dead for every campaign until HotE and ToL were released)

Their involvement would only be "odd" if used as a part of, say, the Core campaign. (or later ones)

Their involvement is only "odd" if you are looking for a purely "canon" experience. Some people enjoy a "what if" style campaign game. "What if" Chirrut and Baze survived R1?

Instead of focusing on why certain content wouldn't make sense in your eyes, maybe focus on how it could be done in a way that would make it interesting? So we can get more content for our amazing game?

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Eh, I don't mean to be too passionately against this (because hey, I'm always down for more content).  And I've definitely acknowledged what a dirty hypocrite I am in the past, given how for some reason I see nothing wrong with adding Yoda.


I guess I just see it this way- add them in a blister wave and I see nothing wrong.  It's been done before in this game, it could be done again.


In a box, though- I guess @Weatherwax2099 brought up some creative ways to implement characters, but I still just feel like we're bending over backward to include these characters when others could be added without the same issues.


But anyway- you'd still see me first in line to purchase them if Baze or Chirrut ever were released. 

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