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It’s worse for us Global South Easterns - it’s April 2.

In another thread I’m being told to start gardening and running in Autumn.

And in a third thread I’m correcting a Norwegian on the correct pluralisation of a Danish word when used in English.

The internet is a strange place.

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1 hour ago, Admiral Calkins said:

Thanks, @clontroper5!  Listened to rest of Galactic Conflict on my lunch break, but forgot to turn the sound down before I went back to work.  Needless to say, Rick woke up the whole office and I was quite embarrassed.  Well played.


1 hour ago, Church14 said:

Made it the entire day and dodged some jokes and just ran headlong into this one. So close


1 hour ago, Crabbok said:

I'm gonna need to make a rick roll intervention portal

I consider this a Successful Mission 👍

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