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Barkham Horror!

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1 hour ago, rsdockery said:

Migratory Swallow

Cost 3.

Ally. Creature. Swallow.

<rea> After Migratory Swallow enters play: Search your collection for an Item asset and attach it to Migratory Swallow. Attached asset is under your control, but occupies no equipment slots.

<for> When investigators spend any number of clues: You realize a half-pound bird cannot possibly carry attached asset. Detach that asset, pay all costs required to play it, and discard Migratory Swallow. If you cannot, you are defeated and take 1 mental trauma.

So, is this an African swallow?

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Swallow Facts

Seeker Event

Cost: 1

Science. Tactic. Insight.

Evade. This evasion attempt uses [intellect] instead of [agility]. If you reveal an [elder sign token] during this test and the evaded enemy is nonelite, remove that enemy from the game instead.

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