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Barkham Horror!

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The flavor text on the Investigators:


"If Pavlov rings the bell, will I eat another shoe?"

"What if I never find out who's a good boy?"

"You've got a bone to pick?  GREAT!  Can I have one, too?"

"Digging is self-discovery.  Every good doggo digs."

"15/10 would boop the snoot."


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they tease a little with this joke. If you look at the gators, we have one per cycle released, except the actual one. The two remaining are Tommy muldoon, and agatha crane, the two that would feet well to a cthulhu cycle. More over, there is only one encounter card that we never seen in the game, table crasp, that show us a scene in the resto of Velma. a place weel designed for cthulhu. For me, next cycle let us come in the Velma's dinner, and will have at least one of the two gators shown here.

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Ya' know, if we take what yous guys are saying, then we have Muldoon's abilities:


REACTION:  When an Ally asset you control is defeated: Gain resources equal to the total amount of damage on that asset.

ELDER SIGN:  +2.  You may move up to 2 damage from an Ally card you control to Tommy Muldoon.

Statline of:  3 Will, 3 Knowledge, 4 Strength, 2 Agility w/ 8 Stamina6 Sanity.

Agatha Crane is harder.  Best guess:


REACTION:  When you reveal a chaos token, choose and discard 1 asset you control:  Cancel that chaos token and return it to the bag.

ELDER SIGN:  +1.  Discover 1 clue at your location.

Statline of:  3 Will5 Knowledge2 Strength, 2 Agility w/ 5 Stamina9 Sanity.

It is also plausible that Agatha Crane might have a secondary deck, like Joe Diamond.  However, it would seem odd to me to put both double-decker characters in the same class.

This all said, Mateo & Mutteo have very different abilities.  Same with the other 2.

(As an aside, I live in a world where Boop is really only something done by Betty, so I'm unclear as to what's going on with Rex Murphy.)

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