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Paranormal/mystery one-shot: 'DEATH at Gardner House!'

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One-Shot Adventure for Genesys

DEATH at Gardner House!

May 14th, 1910: During the passage of Halley’s Comet, an informal society of “gifted” individuals investigates the murder of a reclusive millionaire.

I believe I levelled up my InDesign skills making the PDF to look like a period-appropriate newspaper. For best results, print in 'tabloid' size and fold horizontally. Each major scene of the adventure (that is, each node) takes up one half of a page, so the folding works really well.


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5 hours ago, SavageBob said:

Love your scenarios! Thanks for continuing to pump them out. I also like how you give a bit of design philosophy behind each one in your blog posts. I recognize the node-based design, but where are you drawing the other scenario structures from?

Thanks for the kind words!

Last year, my wonderful players asked me to run a "making a one-shot workshop" to give pointers on developing their own first games. For that, I put together some ideas about different adventure structures: what makes them tick, the pros and cons of each, and which is best for new RPG writers to attempt. A lot of the material was inspired by Justin Alexander's amazing blog , which is still the best system-agnostic writing on the subject I've come across. Maybe I'll clean up my workshop notes and post them sometime. :)

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