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Another timing question

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It should be obvious as one can choose the order of effects with the same timing, but just to be sure:


 „At the start of the ship phase“: Can i first use Hondo or Thrawn to gain tokens and then activate a command?

Could i so use „Entrapment Formation!“or AFFM! turn one? (Without discarding)





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Posted (edited)

Hondo, Yes.

His timing is "At the Start of the Ship Phase", which shares timing with the Fleet Command...  So indeed, Grab the Token, then use the Token to Power said Fleet Command for that Turn.


Thrawn, No.  

You Turn Over the Dial to use, but the ships only gain that DIAL...  They don't do anything with it until they activate, which is...  Too late for a Fleet Command, as we're well past the Start of the Ship Phase at that point.  

This is because a Dial is not Interchangeable (at any time) with a Token:  There is a Specific timing to Changing a Dial to a Token, and that is in the "Reveal Dial" step of activation...  

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