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Repair and Maintenance

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Hi everyone,

When a weapon or armor gets damaged, you can repair it with Smithing (Earth) TN 1. Opportunities on that roll can be used to add "Durable" to the item as per the Opp spends for Artisan skills.

For a Smithing (Air) TN 2 you can hone the blade, adding resplendent or subtle for opportunity, as per the Opp spends (again) and the Smithing skill. 

To restore a completely broken item, you would need a Smithing (Earth) TN 3, again able to add Durable. 

Is that correct? It seems to be, based on the TNs for artisan skills and their respective opportunity spends. While it would be making sense, razor-edged weapons do not lose that quality when damaged, as such the "hone your blade" doesnt actually restore anything, it merely allows for the addition of subtle or resplendant.

Anything I missed?

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Posted (edited)

I understood like this:

The rarity of the weapon you're smithing will be the TN to reach to forge / smith it. Yes forging a katana from scratch is an outstanding Fire TN 7 !  

You reduce this TN depending on the facilities you're using (With a  kakita or Kaiu forge it would be  TN 4 for exemple)

You can also begin the work during one downtime and finish it during another one with a TN based on Air instead of fire since you continue an existing work.

This would also reduce the TN of both action

And every opportunity, you would add qualities such as durable or resplendent or such ...  providing you have enough material and GM approval.

Although there are no ruling for it, we can imagine a Momentum system with one Momentum per week of hard work.

7 weeks to forge a katana seems legit. Therefore, double that time would reduce the rarity,

To me, when the weapon becomes 'Damaged" it looses half its rarity, so to repair ir would be TN 3 (earth). and I don't see a way to add any quality.

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The tables on 329 allow the adding of quality. The table just above the smithing skill puts the TN of removing the damaged quality at 1. There is no rule for repairing a broken weapon, just the approximation of a broken teapot, but I just saw that at TN 4 there is "forging a new blade", which in case of a bladed weapon makes sense (as spot-welding was not a thing back then, so broken blades need to be reforged), so I suppose a bladed weapon would be TN 4 to repair, whereas a Tetsubo might just be TN 3.


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