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How long have you played X-Wing?

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Been here since wave one but until wave 6 or 7 I was only playing with my brother. Around wave 7 was when I started spending the 💰 and got "into" the game. 

Only got involved with the community since end of 1st and beginning of 2nd edition as before this I was happy with my few mates and the competitive events was very not enjoyable.

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Joined when the TFA core set came out back in 1st ed. Funny enough I had a friend introduce me to Armada, and I just found X-wing on accident while googling for deals on Armada stuff. On top of being focused in on the dogfights which I've always found to be the coolest thing about Star Wars, X-wing didn't have a $100 core set, so I felt way better about the buy in. Been a big fan ever since. 

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