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How decloaks a large base

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7 minutes ago, Jedu said:

But wait, you decloak sideways exactly the same,like you barrel roll with large ship? Or do you decloak large ship the same way,as you barrel roll a small ship?

Decloak large base left/right = do a large base barrel roll. 

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Because you use the speed 2 template for Small ships, so it can be different for large's one too


The online Rules Reference is updated now, so no problem

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1 hour ago, zimut-X said:

This one, not official but very usefull



I maintain the unofficial rules linked here. As of now there hasn’t been an update to the 1.0.2 rules posted. But the large base ship decloaking rules are covered in the current rules. 

From the Cloak entry:

When a medium or large ship decloaks, it must choose one of the following effects:

  1. Barrel roll using the [1 straight] template.
  2. Boost using the [1 straight] template.

Then in the Barrel Roll entry they state:

Pilots can barrel roll to move their ship laterally and adjust their position. When a small ship performs a [barrel roll] action, it follows these steps:

  1. Take the (1 straight) template.
  2. Place the narrow edge of the template flush against the left or right side of the ship's base. The template must be placed with the middle line of the template aligned with the hashmark on the side of the base.
  3. Lift the ship off the play surface, then place the ship with the hashmark on the side of the base aligned to the front, middle, or back of the other narrow end of the template.
  4. Return the template to the supply.

When a medium or large ship barrel rolls, substitute "long edge" for "narrow edge" in the above description.


Hope this clears things up!

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