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Happy National Dewback Day!!!

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I can't believe it's March 20th already! What's everyone doing to celebrate?

Besides of course having your the venerable Kenner original taking a place of honor for the day in the house. My kids were good this year so I surprised them with a new toy dewack, too. And I busted out my dewback t-shirt for the occasion. You just feel silly wearing your dewback clothes the rest of the year, so I hate to miss the chance to wear it on March 20th.


  If you still haven't painted your imperial assault dewback today is the day to clean and prime!


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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, KommanderKeldoth said:

You got me.  I saw the title of your thread and thought there was a unit announcement from FFG

No it's not. But I AM personally VERY surprised that they did not announce a new dewback unit on National Dewback Day. My family is Lithuanian so we of course also play that old Dewback Jousting game with a spinner and a blindfold. I won way too much candy at it this year, my dentist will be mad.


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13 hours ago, krebeck said:

This is awesome, I can’t believe I forgot about this. I usually get my nerf herd something but I totally blanked on the day.

Oh no! You only have 364 days to come up with a plan for making it up next year!

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