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Anybody else find using/storing the mini card tokens a bit tedious? I've currently got all of my decks and tokens in a super hive and have managed to fit metal keys, a d6, card tokens, and a dice bag full of other tokens and a washer (way better than the cardboard chain tracker) into a small deck box so that I don't have my tokens spread out in multiple places (was previously keeping the dice bag and mini cards in the little drawer in the super hive). I'm trying to figure a better but equally compact storage option that will allow me to stop squishing a dice bag of tokens against the mini cards to keep them from shuffling around, but haven't come up with anything yet.

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I'm using an Ultimate Guard Twin Flip N Tray 160+ to carry 3 decks: 2 decks in one side, 1 deck + Chain tracker cards + Mini cards + Metal Keys in the other, with all the tokens in the middle tray (conveniently sorted with a 3D printed divider). 

I don't really see a need to carry more than 3 decks at a time, and decks I'm not carrying I just have in Ultra Pro deck boxes (indexed by box color on a spreadsheet).


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