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Star Wars Resistance

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Is anyone watching this? I remember some chatter when it was released (maybe this forum, maybe another), but no mention of it since then.

I saw a commercial for it when my kids were watching something. That character looks just like Ezra, which just makes me want to watch some Rebels.

I probably won't watch it, the sequel era has yet to pique my interest. I haven't found either movie very inspiring and the few other pieces of media I've perused haven't been able to draw me in.

So if you're watching this, are you enjoying it? If you're not watching it, why not?

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There is several pages over on the X-wing side if you want to check out the pros and cons..

I watched the all of season one, and liked the world building of this new era, not just the locals on the station, but you get a feel of the FO as well... 

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