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Tahlia Feat question

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Perhaps it's because I'm not a native english speaker .. but I have a doubt about Tahlia Heroic Feat :
"Use when a monster starts its activation or moves into a space adjacent to you. Immediately perform an attack that targets that monster. After the attack is resolved, the monster's activation resumes"

does it means that Tahlia can use it :

- when a monsters starts its activation
- moves into a space adajacent


- when a monsters start sits activation into an adjacent space
- moves into a space adajacent

As she has most of the time Melee weapons I always used  B/ .. but should she have a ranged / reach weapon the distinction can be huge ...

so how must it be understood A/ or B/ ?

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I agree that both interpretations are possible. However, I think that it is A simply because the wording on CK Tahlia was


Use before a monster activates, or when a monster moves into a space adjacent to you.  

which clearly indicated that the first triggering condition is independent from adjacency. Assuming that the mechanics did not change, Tahlia can indeed attack a monster not adjacent to her if she has a ranged or reach weapon equipped. 

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