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Gardner Game Knights Seven Swords Elemental Championship

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New England has a reputation for some of the best L5R tournaments in the world, and in the tradition of the old Feeding Hills Kotei's, Gardner Game Knights is proud to present our first ever Regional level tournament, and we are not messing around. Not only will we be giving away the great prize support from FFG, but we are adding 7 swords for the top of each clan!

But that's not all. We'll be running a costume contest, as well as a First Player Token from our friends at Luxury Playstyle for the person who travels the furthest!

We will open our doors at 10am that day and first round will start promptly at 11am.

We will be using the latest Rules Reference Guide, which can be found here:


Decks must use one of the current legal Roles for their clan, or any Support of the Clan Roles i.e. Support of the Scorpion, Support of the Crane ect) . The current Roles can be found here:


If you have any questions feel free to message me or the store directly.

Entry Fee will be $20
You can reserve your space via paypal to teambtygaming@gmail.com

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I’d like to bump this again. We’re looking to make this EC epic. Help us break the current US EC record of 39. The more we get the harder it is for FFG to not put a well deserved Kotei in New England!

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