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Master Thorn

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First, I don’t believe this works. I would like it to work, and I am pitching it here to look for some feedback.

Master Thorn’s hero ability “S: After resolving this attack you may choose an empty space within two spaces of you and place your figure in the chosen space” is identical to the Teleportation Rune’s ability.

Since these surge abilities both trigger “after the attack resolves” they are triggering at the same time. Can the player choose to resolve them one after the other? (This would effectively move Thorn 4 spaces).

I am inclined to say no, since it seems to add an effect to the attack (like adding a keyword). Adding it more than once wouldn’t give you any more benefit.

However, there is no precedent for the above paragraph (the ability is not a keyword), and the surge abilities triggering at the same time seems logical.

Does anyone know for sure? This must have been asked before.

(Edit): And the rulebook does indicate if two identical surge abilities exist, both may be triggered.


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I think that both abilities can be used in a single attack. You have to use 2 free surges, of course. The Thorn player first decides to use a surge to teleport 2 spaces and then decides to teleport another 2 spaces. As you pointed out, 2 identical surge abilities may be triggered  without any problem. Otherwise the Berserker's Chipped Axe wounldn't make much sense.

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I would agree with Sadgit.

You can certainly use both surge abilities on the same attack. You then have two lots of 'choose an empty space within two spaces and place your figure in it' which are triggered at the same time. Since the rule is that if two things trigger at the same time the active player chooses the order in which they are resolved, I don't see any reason why you could not choose to activate them sequentially to teleport two spaces, place figure, teleport another two spaces.

There does need to be somewhere to place your figure after the first two spaces though - this doesn't become a single 'teleport four spaces'.

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