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FSD’s Legion Table project

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One of the biggest decisions I encountered while getting into Legion was deciding on how I’d be playing my games. While the FLGS had 4x6 tables, I really wanted a dedicated 3x6 mat to use and luckily I had a leftover 4x6 vinyl mat from a kickstarter I ran a few years ago. It has a tan-ish rocky look to it so I felt it was generic enough to be used as a good starting point for many different table configurations.

I took a swatch of the extra I cut off one side to Adepticon last year and used it to start looking for prepainted terrain that might work well. I started building some generic terrain out of stuff I had around the house as well. Then I learned the local library had a free 3D printing service and started uploading files every few weeks to help add accents to my scratch-build terrain or get full pieces to use. 

I’ll update this thread as I get a chance to try out different configurations but will start off with the Scarif inspired board my son and I played on last week. 



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6 minutes ago, KommanderKeldoth said:

That's awesome! What are your rules for the shallow water?

We just followed the RRG for area terrain - Open for purposes of cover and difficult for Trooper/Ground vehicles. 

The grassy looking areas were Sparce Jungle area terrain. I found a few palm trees in the store’s terrain stash to give it a little more scenic look (and then went out the next day and used a $5 ebay rebate to buy some palm trees to use in future games 😆).  

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