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GM Hooly

THE DICE POOL PODCAST - EPISODE 23 - Q&A: ANDROID - Shadow of the Beanstalk

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EPISODE 23 - Q&A: ANDROID - Shadow of the Beanstalk

Fantasy Flight Games' latest setting book release for the GeneSys Role Playing Game is Android - Shadow of the Beanstalk, and it definitely the apple of any runner's eye. So for this episode we are have overclocked our rigs to burn through the ICE, cut through the web of corrupt corporation red tape, and extracted the most important agenda of all, the rogue A.I. himself, Sam Gregor-Stewart, RPG Manager of Fantasy Flight Games. So join GMs Hooly, Huzz, and Flano as we once again go in deep to ask Sam a plethora of listener questions about life under the Shadow of the Beanstalk.

Available on iTunes and your favourite Podcatcher.

And don't forget to share this podcast with all of your friends who love the GeneSys RPG System.

Feel free to leave us feedback on the episode here.

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Awesome podcast as usual, I was happy to see literally all of my questions answered. Especially the part about cosmetic g-mods and cybernetics because I already know they're going to be a huge part of my game. I'm excited to create a bunch of money sinks for my players; so they can get REALLY creative with body modification.

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