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Action Fleet ships for terrain

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Action Fleet were all over the place in scale and were never consistent. Some will probably be usable. Snowspeeder and Landspeeder may be ok, I doubt many of the others will be though.

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Legion is 1/46 scale. Here's the closest to those for Action Fleet (the 2nd column is the scale):


Gian Speeder 40 14 cm 5.7 m
Snowspeeder 42 12.5 cm 5.3 m
Vulture Droid 46 15 cm 6.96 m
Speeder Bike 47 6.33 cm 3 m
Swoop Bike 47 6.33 cm 3 m
A-wing 55 12.7 cm 7 m (est.)
Anakin's Podracer 56 12.6 cm (engine) 7 m
TIE Advanced x1 56 11.1 cm 6.2 m (est.)
Darth Maul's Speeder Bike 57 2.94 cm (sans pedals) 1.65 m
Flash Speeder 60 12.6 cm (sans gun) 7.54 m
AAT 62 15 cm 9.19 m

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I have some and I don't think they're bad, if you're ok with the cockpits being much smaller than your figures.  The A-wing and B-Wing seem pretty large.  I suspect if you don't mix them with other ships of drastically different scale they should be ok.

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