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Hey all. So I am ready to play Road to Legend and I have a question-

If I add all my expansions to the "my collection" portion of the app, will this mean that on any given quest, can it pull from any of the sets? I ask because I keep all my expansions separate from each other and don't want to have to dig through 8 boxes to find one tile. If the answer is no, does the app prompt you beforehand that you will be using <x> expansion to play this scenario? 

Thanks everyone!

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Posted (edited)

The answer is yes and no.

The app will tell you which tiles it needs before each quest. It won’t explicitly say which expansion, but the tile numbers will clue you in.

In Kindred Fire, story quests will never use expansion tiles. (Except for Defense Of Thelys which asks for a Nerekhall tile, but I always replace said tile with an end cap because that tile is not important)

In Seeds Of Corruption, each story quest will use tiles from Shadow of Nerekhall (always) and one other expansion (if you own them)

Embers Of Dread story quests use tiles from Labyrinth of Ruin and Lair Of The Wyrm (always). It may use Seeds of Corruption’s method of altering maps based on owned expansions. I do not know.

Most side quests exclusively use base game tiles. Each expansion introduces a single quest using its tiles.

The app can and will make use of all monsters and conditions. (You will have no forewarning until the app says “Place the blah-blah-blah group”, which it will say many times each quest). Although if you’re playing, say, The Troll’s Treasure (Trollfens sidequest) you can count on seeing harpies, for example.

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Hmm. That kind of sucks then. I was thinking/hoping about doing a live stream of these games. I did the tutorial once a while ago and was ready to finally kick it off. Anyhow, thank you for the response

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