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Virtual for Genesys?

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I'd love to see a supplement book by FFG that translates their old game setting Virtual into the Genesys game engine.  For those that might not have heard of it, Virtual was a d20 product that used the 3.5 version of those rules and the setting was basically Tron the RPG.  FFG created it and I'd love to see them revisit it similar to what they have now done with Android.

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That same line also had some other great ideas.
Grimm, I think, would git in well with Genesys. Kids fighting against fairy tales. 
Mechamorphosis is...well...Transformers the RPG
Redline would be great since it was Mad Max but it had some great vehicle rules
Spellslinger is a take on the Deadlands setting.
Virtual is, as stated, Tron.

The games were takes on already established properties so licensing may play a huge part in whether they can get away with doing it or not. However, there is nothing wrong with doing what the rest of the community has done and converting these games to settings for Genesys. You do not have to wait for FFG to do them. Make them yourself or get with others in this community to help you with it.


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