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Corellian Conflict - Uniqueness of Hondo Ohnaka?

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Can multiple fleets of the same team use Hondo Ohnaka?

this may seem like a easy No, but the Wiki on Corellian Conflict fleet building state that the uniqueness rule should not be used for cards that are not Faction Unique.

this is to allow multiple fleets in the same team to run the fleet command upgrades, all fighters follow me, shields to maximum, intensify firepower and entrapment formation.

but Hondo Ohnaka is also not unique to a faction. meaning the way the asterisk is written should mean all fleets in a faction can run him. 


I assume most groups will home rule it to where characters are unique, but commands are not. but i would like your opinions.

This also counts for the Strategic Adviser which most people would allow one per fleet, rather than one per team.



from the wiki:

Corellian Conflict Fleet Building

  • Each team cannot have more than one copy of a card with a unique name*. (For example, if a player chooses the  Darth Vader commander upgrade for his fleet, no other player on that team can include the  Darth Vader squadroncard).

*= This restriction should only count against unique cards that are limited to one of the two factions.

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Its a good house rule.


But unfortunately, it is a house rule.


In the standard, basic, Corellian Conflict rules - a unique can only be seen each side, once.     Which generally means you can't share certain fleet commands across a side.  One player is going to have their pick, and the rest will have to have the pieces.

Hondo can be seen once on each side, too...


That's it.

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