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I want to be able to go to a store ask for the Star Wars RPG and they can point me at a single book called the Star Wars RPG

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The two recent generic Star Wars source books have given me hope that perhaps FFG will finally release a single book or product line that lets me run a Star Wars adventure for my friends.

I understand deeply the desire to make separate games about Star Wars. 

Infact I tried to run edge of the empire years before it was released. I told all my freinds I was going to run a fringe crime noir Star Wars game. Set between episode 3 and 4

You know what happened?

i got two jedi, a frenger and a Rebel.

i was trying to make Star Wars a thing it wasn’t and my stupid campaign suffered for my ignorance. The players knew what Star Wars was. A group of characters with diverse backgrounds and motivations coming together and growing through that exposure to eachothers diffrences.

i enjoyed the edge of the empire starter set but never made the leap to the ful game because heck I don’t want to learn three huge games to run something that looks like the Star Wars movies I like. 


Fix this.

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