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Large Creatures vs Vehicles

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I am preparing a game for a bit of a mixed setting, with both sci-fi and fantasy elements, and I really like the idea of an exhilarating battle where the party is chased down the highway by a dragon. My problem comes from how personal and planetary scale interacts. How do I make the dragon a legitimate threat to both the party and the vehicle they are on? If I make the dragon do planetary scale damage, its a threat to their ride, but will absolutely paste any poor sap that gets hit, likewise, if it does personal scale damage, its a much more engaging fight to the players, but their vehicle is in no real danger, doubly so if it has any armor! I could have separate attacks profiles for when the dragon attacks players vs the vehicle, and that would certainly work, but I'd rather have a loose rule that applies more universally if this situation ever comes up again; such as if the mage decides he's going to conjure a big old rock elemental to flatten someone's car.

What I've got so far is this:

Car Crushing Monsters: This rule is intended to make large creatures more dangerous at the planetary scale.  Whenever a creature makes an attack against a vehicle with natural or appropriately sized weapons, if that creature is no more than 1 silhouette point smaller than the target, and the creature is at least silhouette 2, the base damage of the attack is equal to the creature’s silhouette (not modified by brawn) and is considered planetary scale damage.

What I'm after is suggestions and feedback. If you've got an even better solution to my problem, I'm all ears.

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