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Kyle Ren

Unpopular Opinion Thread

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I'd say something about the v1, but I've probably beaten that horse to death already. :P

I don't consider 4-LOM, Palob or the Quadjumper to be NPEs at all, and certainly don't mind playing against them (didn't mind pre-nerf either). They are all very vulnerable ships that require careful flying both to use and to beat. I like that there's more to the game than efficiency swarms and arc-dodging aces. Now that the turrets of old have either been absorbed into the former (Y-Wings and Scurrgs) or the latter (Han and Rey), these ships, along with other odd stuff like generic Vipers and Phantoms, Inquisitors and curious mid init aces like Viktor, Countdown, Jake and Vynder, are almost the new third pillar of the game.

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1 hour ago, Kieransi said:

TIE Silencers are actually good


1 hour ago, RStan said:

Trajectory Simulator is fine in the game. Too many people unnecessarily believe it's terrible design and should never have been made. I disagree with those people. 


1 hour ago, Boom Owl said:

First Order is fine. 


17 minutes ago, impspy said:

A decently priced SNR is fine for the game.

All of these I firmly believe! Even before Phil Horny won the Top 50 American Invitational (especially with a bidless version of aces on high, yikes!), I was and still am convinced that Kylo is the best as well as the most underrated force user. Hopefully I can represent the ship well this Saturday's Hyperspace Trial!

*and no, I will not netlist him like I did after he did so well last Adepticon. The lack of bad variance insurance in his list bears way too high a burden of execution on its user.

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8 minutes ago, Darth Meanie said:

I'll back this up.

Furthermore, I'll distill 5 pages of response down to "Epic is the best version of the game."

I also think that Epic is the best version (closely followed by Heroes of the Aturi Cluster). However, I also much prefer 2nd edition to 1st!

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