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Community Rules Supplement

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For people involved or interested in competitive X-Wing, It has become apparent that X-Wing has a lot of vague rules, weird corner cases, and assumed floor rules that judges and tournament organizers have to research and decide. These rule issues range from small things to list breaking and knowing a particular ruling ahead of time can be critical. Every System Open, hyperspace event, or local tournament rules differently on even the most basic questions that are not covered by current FAQ and FFG documents.

We’ve put together a group of dedicated community members, both players and judges, from around the world that are diligently working through everything we can think of to create an X-Wing Community Rules Supplement. This will fill the gap between FFG official rulings and the peculiar issues that might arise during any organized play or other tournament setting. If you play at a System Open, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll be using these rules. Our hope is that Hyperspace Trials and even your local events will adopt these rules so we can all attend tournaments knowing exactly what to expect.. It’s time to take control of our game. Where the FFG juggernaut takes time to release rules updates, we’ll be quick and agile to address issues not covered perfectly by official documentation.

Our current goal is to have our first document available mid March. Do you have a weird ruling that nobody can agree on? Send it to us using our Super High Tech Google Form https://goo.gl/forms/5xLmWqRWMO7FcqX02

On behalf of your X-Wing Community Rules Committee:
Iain Hamp
Chris Brown
Brent Wong
Dee Yun
Michael Jures
Vince Kingston
Kyle Kemble
Kris Sheriff
Zach Bart
Tim Horsburgh
Joel Killingsworth
Chris Allen
Mark Ventham
Nick Wear
Kris Mitchell

Thank you all for being part of this great community. I hope we’re able to come together and create something truly beneficial for this game and this community.

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