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FFGing around with tokens

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Noticed a trend for Armada, that FFG likes to reuse spare tokens/pieces for the game for new effects, in particular the ones we keep getting alot of. Here's a list of how some Armada pieces have been used for things other than their primary purpose. What else do y'all think can be used? :)

Turn tokens(imo rarely ever used for their initial purpose): Bail, Pryce

Command dials: Thrawn

Command tokens: Grint

Defense tokens: Palpatine(commander)



Dice: e.g. set a die on the upgrade card with a certain face, special effects when that face shows in battle, etc.

Victory tokens: reuse them in new objectives as special objective tokens(depending on scenarios). Also makes things more interesting if strategic squads can't affect them.

Objective tokens: A possible new objective could be a bounty on the objective ship. For every shot it makes and every kills it makes it gains 1 more token. Kill it to gain the bounty of tokens else the opponent wins them. Alternatively the killing ship could receive its target's tokens that same turn and be available to be killed and stolen from as well.

Squadron ID tokens: yeah you probably have lots of spares kept away. I'm thinking these could be used as counters for "escalation" type games? Earn one counter every round+other conditions like losing ships. Then able to call in new ships based on certain costs.

Ship ID tokens: similar to squad IDs, but with numbers. Not sure how they can be implemented

Ship speed dials: I imagine some new experimental retrofit where you place a speed dial set to a certain speed, and then enemies/friendlies in a certain range of you have to adjust their speed by 1 towards that set dial's speed if they are not already that speed. Other than that they might be useful for counting all sorts of things up to four, I'm thinking maybe new objectives can give other obstacles hitpoints, and record via these dials although most likely it will be done by the respective card and damage cards like unarmed stations. 

Ship bases/ squad stands: New cardboard for neutral/campaign ships that appear in a new campaign? Or even used in new 400point objectives. We already see squadrons like ciena and shara implemented just by having new cardboard and squadron cards. What would be nice is if the picture of neutral ships are printed on the ship cardboard like the senator's shuttle in X-wing 1.0 core

The CC campaign tokens(diplomats, spacers, veterans, scar,etc.): Hope we see these brought into standard 400points for new objectives. I like the idea of veterancy and scarring for a Legion "operation" type of format where ships can carry their vets/scars over, else new objectives that makes players to vet/scar their ship before deployment(part of a previous battle)(but adv. gunnery/most wanted already has some elements of that.

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24 minutes ago, Tayloraj100 said:

Before Bail and Pryce let us actually use them, I’d long maintained that there ought to be an upgrade that when triggered (by a red crit, let’s say) your opponent is required to eat a Turn Token.

I’ve already eaten a TIE fighter for my convictions 😁

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4 hours ago, RedPriest said:

Kindling. Honestly, how many objective tokens does one really need? 😏

Hmm. Maybe a new rule where opponent has to eat the victory/objective tokens they win? Then the loser won't feel so sad about losing(or grateful that they lost) :D

Alternatively, maybe a fun format in your own group to give the same number of objective tokens to your opponent as the difference in MOV if u lose. After a year see who has the most tokens in the group hahaha.

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