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mystery/horror one-shot: Mummy's Boy

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Hey all,

I cooked up this one-shot adventure a while back. It's inspired by Stephen King, Stranger Things, and other 'peculiar small town' stories.

The adventure follows a secret society of ordinary townsfolk, the Neighbourhood Watch, as they investigate some troubling personality changes that seem to be spreading across town.

I ran it for some friends last year and they had a great time. They especially embraced the "mundane small town" angle—a major subplot was whether or not they could acquire an NPC's prize-winning lemon cake recipe.

Direct PDF link.

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9 hours ago, DarthDude said:

Very cool! Shows Genesys is very well capable of doing one-sheets SavageWorlds-style. Thank you very much!

You're very welcome!

I discovered Genesys through my interest in Savage Worlds (both are great for different reasons), and I think the one-sheet one-shot is one of the great wonders of the RPG world.

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