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Screed vs A New Dodonna

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Having used my Up Close & Personal list against a friend's MSU/squadron rebel list at our local club recently (see earlier batrep), I used it again against my son (18) on Friday. His was also a rebel list using Dodonna, but was focused on three combat ships with minimal squadrons.

This time it was all about his long range fire power, against my short range burst. Could I survive Dodonna selecting crits for long enough to get in and hurt him?

My list:

ISD Kuat, Screed, Strategic Advisor, Ord Experts, ECM. Leading Shots, ACM, Relentless

GSD1, Intel Officer, Ord Experts, Engine Techs, ACM, Demolisher

GSD1, Intel Officer, Ord Experts, Engine Techs, ACM, Insidious

Gozantis, Comms Net

Gozantis, Comms Net

No squadrons.

394 points

MC80, Dodonna, Strategic Advisor, Gunnery Team, Leading SHots, Spinal Armament, XX9 Turbolasers, Endeavour

Assault Frigate MkIIB, ECM, Gunnery Team, TRC, Veteran Captain

Assault Frigate MkIIB, ECM, Gunnery Team, TRC, Veteran Captain

GR75, Comms Net


3 x Z95

Lt Blount

396 points.

I chose first player and my sons Contested Outpost.

He placed the station towards my right and as close to him as allowed. He deployed his MC80 directly behind the station, flanked by the two assault frigates (although the one to my left of the MC80 was further away). My deployment left to right was Insidious out on the left (hoping to get in behind), one Gozanti, ISD opposite the station/MC80 and then Demolisher.

First turn was a cagey affair, I didn't rush in with the ISD and Demo against his three combat ships.

Turn 2/3 saw him keep the frigates within range of the MC80, but distracted by the twin GSD threats. Turn two saw damage to the ISD, and shields plinked off the MC80.

In T3 we exchanged flagships, after they each crippled the other the coup de gras were delivered by Demolisher and an Assault Frigate respectively, but Demo was very close to one assault frigate, with Demo's rear shield facing it. At this point the rebels were ahead slightly. Insidious and one of the gozantis, with nothing else to do, flacked the Z95s getting a few hits.

As I was first player, Demo activated first on T4. Rear and flank shots against the assault frigate (would possibly do a few internals) or a front and flank shot against the GR75? I have Intel Officer so went for the GR75. Was reasonably lucky with my rolls and destroyed them and then flew away with the benefit of Engine Techs.  Also a couple more flak hits were scored. Return fire from the frigates was poor. He just could get what he needed to either destroy a Gozanti or really damage a GSD.

Turn 5 saw me put Concentrate Fire on the Gozantis, not to pass over to anyone but to try to destroy a squadron or two. Again some decent rolling saw me destroy the three standard squadrons.

Turn 6 was a non-event with ships too far away to do anything meaningful.

The outpost points were shared evenly, so we added up the ship points and I had won by 11 - I never thought I win a game thanks to Gozantis shooting with Concentrate Fire dials!

So, used the list twice, against different players/list types and come away with two wins, albeit close ones. I still need to work on my deployment (Insidious was too far out on one flank to be of use in the ship to ship battles) and rather than deploying opposite the MC80, an angled approach might have allowed me to keep it going and avoid its loss. However I like the list a lot, and need to practice more.

As my son had been beating me for a number of consecutive games, I hope that I have broken that particular hex!


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