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Question about Morality

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I've personally found that it's relatively easy for players to sleepwalk most of the way to Light Side Paragon status without really doing anything that a normal RPG character wouldn't do anyway. My players haven't really sacrificed much or gone out of their way to make the galaxy a better place, and they've already reached Paragon status less than halfway through the campaign. It's my opinion that refraining from evil should not be enough by itself to make you a Paragon; that should require real dedication and sacrifice. Which is why I like GroggyGolem's KOTOR-inspired Serenity table. I haven't playtested it yet, but I plan to use it from now on if my players consent. 

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On 4/11/2019 at 10:52 AM, Jehan Menasis said:

What I do is, instead of players 'automatically' triggering morality checks at the end of the session, a roll is only triggered if:

- The character has 10+ conflict points.

- The character performed at least one high moral/altruist act during the session, at the GM discretion.

I feel that an high moral paragon status should not be obtained just by 'Refraining from doing evil' but from 'Acting exemplary' too.

This way, if characters don't get conflict points but they don't do anything truly remarkable either, they stay as they are (no roll). This eventually allows for a slow stockpiling of conflict points between sessions, that if left unchecked, will probably lead to a decrease in morality.

It's working for our group so far.

I do not entirely agree ... but in the end this is a discourse that does not only concern game mechanics, but ethics in general, so it is very complex. regarding the Star Wars philosophy, and the jedi, very often avoiding doing evil, like killing someone, controlling one's emotions is already a step towards the light side. therefore it is difficult to discern exactly the boundary between good and evil. However in "Unlimited Power"SOURCE BOOK P. 95 there some rules to adjust Morality.

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