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Shinjo Ambusher and province memory

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Hi everybody,

I would have some clarifications about this character's triggered ability.

Is the lasting effect created by this character ability to the current province stop if the province lose his memory? Such like going face down then face up after this character react, by exemple.


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From the Rules Reference:

Facedown Provinces

  • A facedown province is considered to be a different entity than its faceup side. While a province is facedown, its faceup side is considered to be out of play. When a province is turned faceup, the "faceup province" and "facedown province" simultaneously exchange positions, such that the facedown province is now out of play and the faceup province is now in play. The opposite is true when a province is turned facedown.

Leaves Play

The phrase "leaves play" refers to any time a card makes a transition from an in-play state to an out-of-play destination.

  • All lasting effects and/or delayed effects affecting the card while it was in play expire for that card.


If you are able to turn the province facedown, mid-conflict, it will immediately turn back to faceup, and will have no lasting/delayed effects on it.


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