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Iron Kingdoms Warmachine/Hordes

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I've always thought the Iron Kingdoms setting had one of the most unique and cohesive feels in any rpg.  But their rpg was adapted from the miniatures game and you can tell.  So decided to port it to Genesys.  I got a little carried away so there is a lot there but I'd be happy to hear any feedback.  Made a bunch new Talents.  Designed new rules for Alchemy because I hate foraging and time/money becomes pretty meaningless in an rpg.  Wrote a bunch of spells to give it more of the IK feel.  Wrote some Battle Plans and Fell Calls to use in combat.  Still working on Blood Magic.



Here's an easier PDF file to view



Here's link to the Excel file



I also edited one of the previous Genesys fonts so that spacing and size is more consistent.  If you don't want to install it you can probably still figure it out (b = boost, d = difficulty, etc)



If you're not familiar with the setting here's a pinterest board that should give you a feel for it.  It's a steampunkish, nations at war setting.


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There's a page in the PDF regarding runes/runeshots that would cover gunmages.  Limits how often they can do it per session, though, which seems odd to me.  I'd probably have to just made it a style of magic, basically, and let them pay the stamina cost.

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