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NE Florida - gathering gamers for Jacksonville store

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I had two stores in mind but the one in Jacksonville has taken the initiative to aim to have Organized Play. Currently there isn't enough yet though we are very close. Every Monday as it is now, we'll be playing just for the fun of it/training til we have enough to officially start leagues. Even though we don't have enough players yet, this is a great location with plenty of tables and friendly upbeat players with a dose of competitive for good measure. 

If in the area or surrounding area and interested, let me know preferably with private message or you're interested in a reply; a car pool maybe might be possible depending on location and schedule. This is a work in progress, please be patient.

Ps. Those seriously interested in attending tournaments next year, let me know that too. I'm aiming to form a Team, and perhaps we travel together cutting cost.

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I am interested in starting Legion up in Jax. I've got the base set and intend on rolling with Empire.

Which store were you thinking? I live by B-lands and work by FLGS. 

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Sounds good,


We are also planning a small game tournament [300 PT] for the 27th @ coolstuff 12pm. To help get new and older players back into the game and just have fun playing a quicker format. 

Summary of what we are playing,

Summary: 300 Points
0-1 Commander 
1-3 Corps
1-2 Special Forces 
0-1 Operative 

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I'm here for the Legion.  I think if we do more of the 300 point Ops Mission that it will grow in our area (Jax).  

We have a much bigger x-wing community than Armada, the smaller map and 75 minute rounds has a lot of appeal.  

With IA going downhill, the IA players would look for a tournament style game where the 75 minutes would be perfect.

I'm definitely not against the standard play, I just think this would be a good stable entry point that could last here.    

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