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Hadcuffs and other "Before resolving *test*" cards/effects

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Ello to ya all !

Me and my friends have been wondering about handcuffs and monster effects/rules recarding "Before resolving *test* do this and that" related mostly to Cthulhu and his cultists

The question stands as follows : Can i choose from the 2 "Before resolving strenght test" as the handcuffs automatically defeats the cultist, but the cultists test states that "lose 1 sanity before resolving strenght test" ?

So if i have 2 similar effects coming to my way can i choose the more benefical test for my progression ?


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So, there is still a specific operation of events for Combat. These are on Page 3 of the Rules Reference and would affect you outcome as follows.

1. Check Monster Effects - The 'Lose 1 Sanity effect is read here.' While it doesn't come into play until the Strength Test it would cause you to take that hit first.

2. Resolve Will Test - Same rules as a typical attack.

3. Resolve Strength Test - This is where you can use the Handcuffs to defeat the cultist.

While they both say before you cannot ignore the Monster Effects phase. Hopefully this helps makes some sense of it!

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