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Darth Sanguis

Terrain idea: Alderaan asteroid field

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I organize our local group meets on Fridays where we typically play Star Wars Armada. The last few months, in the absence of Armada news players have started picking up Legion or X-Wing. (I dove in head first to Legion and Already have a custom Crait mat and terrain for one of my armies.) While organizing last Friday we had an issue with Legion mats being available and one set of players had to use the star field mats from Armada/X-wing.... it gave me an absolutely inspired idea. Fighting through the debris of a small town on chunks of Alderaan's asteroid remains....

Imagine something like this:

Set down the FFG star mats or maybe an asteroid field mat then add the asteroids and destroyed buildings/ships...

using foam board to create the asteroids at varying heights then paint and base them to have scorch marks craters and destroyed building & vehicles on each piece like the war hammer stuff below...

Large-Destroyed-Building-Custom-Wargame- 258364_sm-Dities%20Of%20Death,%20Ruin,%215991_md-Ruined%20Building,%20Terrain,%2

Make it a clambering roll to jump from one asteroid to another?

I think  it's a cool idea anyways...



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