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Time to update the fleet. What to Buy, Sell, and Keep?

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Hello, long time no posting.

I've been going through my extensive collection and found it's been awhile since I got anything new for my Armada collection, mainly due to the inability schedule a time for a game between myself and the other Armada players in my area. However, I noticed in various BatReps posted months past that the meta has greatly shifted since I last bought (or paid attention to what I bought) for Armada. Going through my collection again, I realized I...may have bought more out of what I would like in each respective "fleet" rather than what I would actually put to use in Armada.

I think it's about time to do an overall "update" of my fleet, basically get rid of stuff I don't need and get stuff that I would likely need. I think I have an idea, but I want your take.

My collection consists of the following:



2x ISD

2x VSD


3x GSD


4x Raider


4x Imperial Squadrons 1

2x Imperial Squadrons 2


Home One



2x AFmkII

3x Mc30

2x Nebulon B

4x CR90

2x Hammerhead (that's 2 ships, not 2 packs)

2x GR75

4x Rebel Squadrons 1

2x Rebel Squadrons 2

2x Rogues and Villains

Corellian Campaign


So far what I see right now is that I could afford to get rid of 2 Raiders, 1 GSD, and 1 MC30, with possibly also getting rid of 1-2 CR90s and/or an additional GSD. Based on what I've seen in BatReps, I'd likely want an additional pack of Hammerheads, Arquitens, and a Quasar Fire, so overall no net loss in size/storage needs, but more variety in what I can bring. I don't think I want the Pelta as, honestly I'm not seeing the benefit of getting the ship itself over the upgrade cards in it. I could probably do without 1 pack of squadrons per faction, but there's a stubborn part of me that says Squadrons should be represented by 6-12 fighters, not 3.

But that's what I'm seeing thus far. What do you think? Anything I have excess of that I can afford to get rid of or anything else that I would need?

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I think you should wait a bit before making a decision, with upcoming SSD and larger point games, meta will change a bit and some ships will be more or less useful in those situations. So you never know if a swarm of CR-90s or Raiders will come handy in those situations.

Also trio of MC-30, thats cruel :) I would not consider letting one go.  

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I would recommend an Arquiten or two.  Great little ships if flown well.  I agree with above. Not sure you NEED to get rid of anything but 4 raiders may not be used very often.  I would recommend getting a pelta for the fleet comand option and it can be used as an effective brawling if built a little differently.  But that's all up-to your play style. I like take a ship and finding S different way to use it.  It's a challenge for me but a lot of the time it just doesn't work. Haha still fun though.  The meta is more open then its ever been. Every ship can be used competitively but some are very nich and take more understanding and skill to use.  I recommend exploring as much as you can.

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I vote for Sell it all.  You said yourself you don't get to schedule Armada games anymore, and it doesn't make sense to just indefinitely keep things because they might some day get used.  Listen to Marie Kondo and part with that stuff if it's not bringing you joy.  My guess is the money and space it brings you can be repurposed into greater joy.

I just tossed 75% of my Armada stuff and bought into a few new games (with money to spare) that I am enjoying far more frequently than I would have ever been able to enjoy Armada any more.  Did the same with all but one of my X-Wing factions when 2.0 debuted.  No regrets.

The secondary market for Armada will probably never be better than it is now.  Either the game officially stops getting supported, and the secondary market will plummet as collections go up en masse, or the game will keep lingering on or maybe even get a little steam, in which case all of the out of stock stuff will trickle back into stock.

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13 hours ago, Arcanis161 said:

But that's what I'm seeing thus far.

I think your assessment is actually pretty spot on if you plan on only using your fleets for standard 400 point games. If you think you may get into larger format games, I'd hang on to those small extras, they can be pretty handy in 800-1200 point matches.

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On ‎2‎/‎27‎/‎2019 at 12:47 AM, Arcanis161 said:

But that's what I'm seeing thus far. What do you think? Anything I have excess of that I can afford to get rid of or anything else that I would need?

I think your assessments are mostly right. GSDs are good, but you probably don't typically need more than 2 of them unless you are looking at a sort of swarm at higher point values. Same for Raiders. I would say 2 of each of those is a good number for 400 point games.

Having a second Gozanti is probably a good idea. That is the limit for tournament games, and they are useful for activations and for their fleet support commands in any kind of game. Only one Gozanti is a bit limiting. You might be a LITTLE overcommitted on Squadron 1 packs, but that's a matter of taste. Even with Sector Fleet rules, you probably wouldn't need 8 squads of one type.

As for the Rebels, I would definitely get a Pelta. The ability to use Fleet Commands is pretty good, and it's the only Rebel ship with that upgrade slot. Not having one limits your Rebel list-building space. I like having a third MC30, so I wouldn't drop that, but you only need a fourth CR90 if you are doing a sort of janky CR90 Ramming list (and then you might want 5 rather than 4). A fourth CR90 is therefore pretty niche. If you want Hammerheads in your fleet, the magic numbers are probably one Hammerhead (with Garel's Honor) in the fleet or three to four Hammerheads (with task force titles) in the fleet. Their task force titles are useful, but you really need at least three of them to work properly.

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