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Bounty-Hunter Undercover Movement Question

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Bounty-Hunter Undercover card states: "Exhaust this card at the end of your turn if you did not perform an attack that turn. While this card is exhausted, add 1 grey die to your defense pool.
When you refresh this card, gain 3 movement points."

Chosen target card states: "Exhaust this card at the start of your turn to track a monster in your line of sight.
Each time you perform an attack that targets a tracked monster, that attack gains +1 Heart (even while this card is exhausted)."

Question: can I use 3 MP gained from Undercover and only then use Chosen target?

More wide topic is: can I spent MP gained at the "start of the turn" in "start of the turn" phase? (for an instance can I move with Elven Boots and only then proceed with other "at the start of the turn" actions?)

Thank you!


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Nope. Usually heroes may spend movement points only in step 3.II .(Perform hero actions) of their turn.

There are some abilities that give figures movement points in other players turns (e.g. Syndrael's Heroic feat). If a figure may be moved or receives movement points during another player’s turn , the figure may be moved before the active player resumes his turn or not at all.

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1. Start of turn

I. Start of turn abilities

• Any effects affecting the active hero that last “until the start of your next turn” end.

• “At the start of your turn” effects can be triggered


II. Perform hero actions

• The hero may perform up to two standard actions.

• “During your turn” effects and abilities without a specific timing can trigger.

• Actions other than move actions cannot be voluntarily interrupted by abilities without a specific trigger.


I mean there is nothing stated about spending MP ONLY in 3.II

Even more it is stated "Resolve start of turn abilities first". Does resolve means spending this MP? I cant find nothing in rules about MP gained in step 1.I. And as I see it, there is no rule about "spending MP only in step 3.II"


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You are right. These details are not explicitly included in the rule book. Fortunately they have been clarified in uFAQs and FAQs:


Q. What's the deal with Movement Points, when can you use them?

A. Think of movement points like a pool you have available to a figure during its turn. When you take a move action, you're adding movement points equal to your Speed to that pool. You can also suffer fatigue to add movement points in the same way. There is no restriction on when you can use these movement points (before, during, or after your actions), but you have to keep track of and declare when you're using fatigue to move.

Emphasis by me. Source: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/11091079#11091079


Q: When exactly can cards with a timing of “during your turn” be used? 
A: Any skill or ability with a timing of “during your turn” can only be used during the Perform Actions step of a hero’s turn for the heroes and 
during the Activate Monsters step of the overlord’s turn for the overlord. A player cannot use these skills or abilities at the start of his turn or at the 
end of his turn.

Clarification of "during your turn". Source: official FAQ 1.6

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