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Leia & Triple AT-RT Strike Back! (updated, new victory)

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Finally found my first victory today. My Leia + Triple AT-RT defeated Vader & Boba in a game of Long March, Key Positions, and Limited Visibility.





The objectives were a hill on the Imperial end, a large building in the center, and a hollowed out tree on my Rebel end.

I deployed most of my forces in the center, with my Fleet trooper squad almost already in base contact with the nearest objective. Two squads of Rebel Troopers deployed on the left and right flank, each. My Sniper team deployed behind some crates, next to a building on the left flank. I opted to deploy the pack of AT-RTs in the center, but leaning more to the left flank.


Round One.

With Limited Visibility, Coordinated Bombardment was out of the question until Round Three. So I started with No Time For Sorrows (vs Standing Orders). I lost my last game due to being too passive so I thought the extra move for some troopers would help. I sent one squad on the left flank into heavy cover, and moved my Fleets beneath the tree (it was hollow with openings in front and behind, so they could walk through it completely).

With the Limited Viz, nothing really happened. The Imperials moved a Stormtrooper squad up on my right and a full squad of Saboteur Scouts. Boba raced up the left, with another Stormtrooper squad, a Snowtrooper squad, and support from a Sniper scout team in a high building. Vader came plodding down the center.


Round Two.



I played Covering Fire, as we would be able to get into range 3 and make some attacks. On my right flank, I whittled down a Stormtrooper squad to just 3 minis, which included the DLT. The Imperial Scouts tossed out a bomb. I took the risk of activating my nearest AT-RT, which already had 2 wounds. I luckily suffered no damage and being barely able to see the Scouts, fired back and took a few of them down.

Boba came in a annihilated one of my rotary RTs, which had been softened by the advancing Stormtroopers. However, the Laser Cannon RT fired back and put a couple wounds onto Boba. Leia moved to the right flank to hand out dodges and some inspiration. My snipers just waited for the visibility to clear.


Round Three.

With one AT-RT down, I played Turning the Tide. I activated one to get the Stormtroopers on the left flank down to almost nothing. With my Troopers on the right flank out of cover, I pulled the Fleets out of the tree and they reached range 2 of the Scouts. 12 dice took them down, but saved 2 minis with E Stims. Vader came and threw his lightsaber, cutting the second Rotary AT-RT down. Boba was pressing the issue on my left, flamethrowering an entire Trooper squad, so I sent the cannon RT toward him, behind a house. Leia returned to the left flank as it began to waver.



Round Four.

Leia called in the Coordinated Bombardment. While the battle had already resulted in many losses, and several high-value targets were too close to hit, she managed to kill one member of the Sniper team, kill the unit leader of the Stormtrooper squad on the right flank, and hit a couple Snowtroopers. However, Vader swung around the center building and engaged my Fleets. You can guess how that went. He did not wipe them all in one go, so they punched back, delivering a couple wounds.

After Boba BBQ'd one of my squads on the left, the laser AT-RT hurtled some crates to engage him. A melee put him to 3 wounds, and shut him down for the round. He withdrew and escaped into the house.


Round Five.

Sabotaged Communications. I was down to thin Trooper forces. My snipers had clear fire on Vader & the remnants of the Imperials on the right flank. With Boba escaped, I decided to hit the advancing Snowtroopers with my last troopers on the left flank, and the last AT-RT finished them off. I had one squad on the right flank down to just a unit leader, who retreated to claim the objective (Tree). I only had to worry about Vader & Boba.



Round Six.

Somebody Has to Save Our Skins (vs Whipcord)

Boba Fett seemed uncertain of venturing out of the house just yet, he would enter a crossfire of Leia, Sniper team, the laser AT-RT, and the last two troopers (Z6) of my last squad on the left flank.

Leia rallied the 2-man Trooper squad, moved into base contact with the tree and used take cover to Dodge herself and the 2-man Trooper unit. Then, I got to immediately activate those troopers. I had to clear their last Suppression to get 2 actions. A lucky die meant they sprinted into base contact with the center objective building.

With my having 2 points to 0, Boba rocketed out of the house to contest the center. Since Leia had already activated and had E-Stims, he couldn't kill her. Vader couldn't make it to the center, and the Imperial sniper team couldn't make it back to the hill objective, giving me the win.



My list:

Leia Organa 90
Esteemed Leader, Emergency Stims, 
Fleet Troopers 44
Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper, Targeting Scopes, 
Rebel Troopers 40
Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, 
Rebel Troopers 40
Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, 
Rebel Troopers 40
Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, 
Rebel Troopers 40
Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, 
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) 16
DH-447 Sniper, Duck and Cover, Long-Range Comlink, 
AT-RT 55
AT-RT Laser Cannon, 
AT-RT 55
AT-RT Rotary Blaster, 
AT-RT 55
AT-RT Rotary Blaster, 

Standing Orders, No Time for Sorrows, Coordinated Bombardment, Somebody Has to Save Our Skins, Turning the Tide, Sabotaged Communications, Covering Fire, 

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awesome battle report!  looks like a really solid damage dealing list 

I played my first game with jyn and two pathfinder squads on friday, went down to the wire and it was decided by points (lost sadly, vader was still alive).  

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1 hour ago, brettspielcafe said:

Great report.

Good reminder that you don’t need tons and tons of fancy terrain to make the game look great on the table. Love that tree especially.

We had a mix of my own stuff (the buildings) and stuff the store had on-hand. I love using that tree, I need to go to a pet store and see if I can find one similar myself! It's just an aquarium piece.

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Leia and the Triple AT-RT Strike Back

Well we started a new season, and I began this one with a W. Late in the last season, I had two games that I felt like I could have won, and one I think I would've won, but I (we) misunderstood the Vaporators mission. I think when we called it, we didn't math correctly lol I was thinking about it after and I think I would've won the game based on how the points are decided. But anyway! On to this match-up.

Unfortunately, I deleted all the pics off my phone after the game, so no pics this time! oops. I'll be more visually descriptive in the text to hopefully make it easy to understand!

"Left" means closest to my long edge; "Right" is the far long edge from my perspective.


My opponent played Krennic, Deathtroopers x2, Boba, and some Stormtroopers, with 1 Snowtrooper unit. My list was same as above.



We're playing Key Positions, Long March, and Clear Conditions. Since we're playing Long March, we had few options to place objectives on terrain fully outside deployment zones! This meant that they were kind of close together. I chose a tall building on my side of the battlefield, and my opponent chose a big crate on the same long edge, but closer to his deployment. Then, the middle objective was a large rock formation, a big U-shaped thing with space beneath it for an AT-RT to walk through (foreshadowing), and troopers could hide under it, around the rock walls on either side, etc. A big fish-tank thing.

I started with my sniper team conveniently up against a ladder on a building that just so happened to sit far enough back to fit within my zone. Using Scout 2, they easily climbed the ladder and positioned on the building, which was in the center (centered between the two long edges) of the battlefield. This gave them full view of the center objective, they could see to the other side of it thanks to the large opening under the rock, and they had a clear line of fire down the left side (from their vantage point). Because I noticed that building placement within my zone, that team was the first unit I placed (I'm Blue), so it really affected how my opponent deployed thereafter, to avoid getting shot immediately by the team.

The rest of the units I spread out, with one unit on the far long edge from me, an AT-RT heading that way for support, another unit behind the building (on which the snipers stood) but aiming to go right, another unit behind that building aiming to go left, my Fleets on the left, with a Trooper unit support, Leia there also, and two AT-RT in support there.

My opponent put Boba in the back left corner, ready to fly up that flank. Krennic was there, too, along with Snows and one Deathtrooper unit. He put a Stormtrooper unit on the right flank, then most everything else in the center. His sniper team positioned on a rock more or less in the center, like my own team.


Round One

I played Coordinated Bombardment to his Standing Orders. After Leia activating, I only had shots on two units, Deathtroopers and Stormtroopers. I think I did 1 damage to the Storms, but he saved the Deathtroopers (these guys are tanks). He moved up and started challenging the objective in the center, as I put my fleets into contact with the objective on my end, planning to use them to hold onto it if he tried to come that way, with their limited range.

Two trooper squads moved toward the right flank, but it was mostly wide open to the center objective, so I would have to wait for the right moment to push across a wide-open field to get to the objective. An AT-RT at least was with them, and could be mobile cover on the way, if needed.

His Deathtroopers, Boba, and Snows moved up the left flank toward my objective, while the rest of his units stayed to the center and the center objective. We were heading for a Deathtroopers, Boba, Snows vs. Fleets, AT-RT, Rebel Trooper battle on that left flank.

My Laser Cannon AT-RT moved toward the middle, along with a Rebel Trooper squad behind him. With no armor on the opposing side, that AT-RT was mainly for the Range-4 attack, and mobile cover for a squad.


Round Two

I played Covering Fire, I believe, to his Deploy the Garrison. I thought we'd have more action this round, but I was mistaken. He still stayed back and I didn't want to overextend. This at least helped me run toward the middle objective and lay down some fire. On the left flank, Snowtroopers and Deathtroopers were heading my way, so my AT-RT came around the corner and laid some fire on them. Snowtroopers fell, but the Deathtroopers stayed pretty tanky. I may have killed one. The troopers followed gaining cover from the AT-RT. I got the Snows down to the leader and the Flamer. Still dangerous!

On the right, I was able to run ahead and fire, passing out some dodges between those two trooper units, and one hid behind a barrier, in a weird column formation, since the threat was coming straight down the barrier, not across it. They were in an awkward position. The 2nd trooper squad was further back, but not in cover, just out of range, so safe for now. The AT-RT on that flank pushed toward the center, covering a lot of area with its front arc.

The laser AT-RT came toward the center, too, overlapping arcs with the other AT-RT so I had a lot of ground covered beneath the main center objective.


Round Three

Here comes Boba Fett. He played Whip Cord to my No Time For Sorrows. Boba rocketed in on top of the building that was my objective. He positioned on the back left corner, giving him clear shot on Leia (OH CRAP). He shot and Leia only took two damage (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF). She is equipped with Stims, and Esteemed Leader, so I could've passed them off to the Fleets, so I wasn't going to lose her that round, but still, Boba had to be dealt with.

Luckily, I was looking at four units that could fire on him (albet, he's got heavy cover from being high up). My Fleets could shred him, with twelve dice, if they did a move to back up, but, they are who he whip-corded. So I used the AT-RT toward the center to fire at Boba, hit for a couple wounds. My Rebel Troopers looked up and hit for another wound or two. Then, Leia got the last shot, taking the bounty hunter down.

While that fun was going on, he squashed one of my trooper squads that was heading down the center, putting them to just a unit leader and Z-6. I had to pull them back, or leave them to die.


Round Four

With Boba down, I surprisingly was able to nix two of my opponent's remaining command cards! Here I felt was a good time for Turning the Tide. I believe he played Voracious Ambition.

The left flank continued to be the hot area. He pushed his Deathtroopers and the remaining Snows up, and Krennic came with them. The snows got into range and BBQ'd my trooper unit. The rest started hitting my AT-RT and I was concerned about losing the claim battle for that objective. He had abandoned his own objective on his end to make the push.

The AT-RT managed to take down some Deathtroopers, leaving it only a unit leader and the DLT.

By this time, my snipers were out of shots, and both of our snipers had done little to affect the game. His snipers got some shots on my troopers moving up the right flank, but on this round, I had them positioned out of sight, and into contact with the center objective. I had two units there in contact, hiding behind the rocks. I was prepared for a pounce around the corners there on his units also hiding behind the rock, but on the other side.


Round Five

My Sabotaged Comms to his Coordinated Fire.

I started to worry the game was slipping away from me. My AT-RT on the left flank fell, I lost two trooper units, and my Fleets and Leia were all that was holding onto my nearest objective. But, I had four units within range of being able to contest the center objective. The Fleets had to come around the corner to pounce on the remaining Deathtroopers and Snowtroopers. I had lost a couple of those guys beforehand, so they were a little wounded.

I surprised him with an AT-RT shot on the Flametrooper, which was visible from across the field, although behind heavy cover. The two minis were hiding around the corner of my objective building, behind crates, but one crate was higher than the other, fully hiding the unit leader, but leaving the upper half of the flamer exposed. The AT-RT cashed in, dropping it to one mini. The Fleets jumped in and took down the last, but they were exposed for the two remaining Deathtrooper minis to fire back. They took a volley and lost a few minis, putting them down to I think 3 minis remaining.

I finished off some stormtrooper squads that were hiding under the main center objective with the laser AT-RT. My snipers, now totally out of shots, moved to the ladder on the building where they had been sitting, but couldn't go down with another move. This, I thought, was going to be huge trouble. I should've moved them last round, enabling them to run to the near objective building.


Round Six

Well, I thought I was going to see Annihilation Looms in the last turn, but, he didn't have it, since he used all three Boba cards. So, thankfully, I was going to have advantage here. I played Somebody Has to Save Our Skins, and he had to play Standing Orders again.

My plan, activate Leia first, move her into base contact with the objective building, then shoot with the Fleets on the Deathtroopers, then run them behind the objective building next to Leia. He kept talking about seeing Leia run around the corner to shoot, so this surprised him. That meant I was solidly going to have 2 units contesting that objective. Leia of course did Take Cover, too, so they each had Dodge tokens, meaning he wasn't going to be able to kill those two, and it left him to just sitting tight with this remaining Deathtroopers there.

I knew he had to double move Krennic to that objective building, because I was winning it at the moment. His snipers moved to reclaim the objective on his end (1 point for him). So he had to tie me on my objective to take away my point. My two remaining AT-RT were very clearly going to touch the center objective, so I could get a max of 4 units in contact there. he could either tie me there, or try to win my objective, but not both.

My Rotary AT-RT walked beneath the center objective rock formation (huzzah!) within like an inch of the storms leftover hiding underneath it, and touching the terrain. He unloaded and wiped the minis there, dropping my opponent to only able to amount 2 units touching that objective. This made his decision for him; he had to try and get 3 units on my objective to win.

He had a 1-mini Stormtrooper left, Deathtroopers, fully loaded, and Krennic, who easily made it to the objective (tying us at 2 units apiece on that building). So the 1-mini trooper ran over there, and touched. But, I pivoted with my last AT-RT and fired, killing that one mini. (I could've also moved a trooper unit touching the center to lay a full volley on it, since I was safely going to take the center objective.)

Next, he ran the Deathtroopers to the objective... and they came up just short.

This left us with a 1-1 tie. I wiped out Boba, three Stormtrooper squads, and a Snowtrooper squad, to only losing 2 Rebel Trooper squads and an AT-RT, giving me the easy victory on points.

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