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Good Terrain In Unusual Places

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I've been building my own terrain for years for the likes of 40k, Fantasy, LOTR, D&D, etc... While being a decent builder, I've never been the best painter. As such I always find that my terrain lacks a certain authenticity on the battlefield. So I've been looking at some alternatives to try to add a positive layer to my gaming experience.

So imagine, earlier today while out shopping with my girlfriend we passed the Petsmart (big box pet store in Canada, likely elsewhere too) and she wants to go see the cats, guinea pigs, etc... and I just stop in the aquarium decorations aisle. Full of rocks, cliffs, hills and buildings of all sorts. Painted and at a reasonable price. Don't tell me I won't be buying the half foot tall Buddha and using it as an "ancient Jedi monument".

If you're stuck on terrain because you can't or don't want to build it and have a bit of discretionary cash, go to your local pet store or look online. 



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