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Minions and Adversaries

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Here's one I made during the Beta.

Anticipating Priest

BEHAVIOR: As soon as a person raises his eyes to look upon a mikoshi nyūdō, the giant grows to an immense height – as tall whoever looks at him is able to raise his eyes, and just as fast. Often, this causes the person looks up so high and fast that they lose their balance and fall over backwards; then the mikoshi nyūdō lunges forward and bites their throat out with its teeth.
Earth 3 Air 4 Fire 1 Water 5 Void 4
Skills: Combat 4
Social 2
Scholar 3
Trade 1
Resilience: 14   Focus:  5  Vigilance: 5   Composure:  8   Physical Resistance 3    Supernatural Resistance 2
Bite  Damage 4 Deadliness 8 *Knock Prone **Entangle Target
Range: 0 (up to 5)
Advantages: Flexible, Unnatural Speed
Disadvantages: Eternal Hunger
Outburst: Rude Comment



I don't know where this image came from so I can't give credit.

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