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Yoriki for Starting Characters?

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On 2/22/2019 at 11:26 AM, RMDanks said:

I'm thinking of having the starting characters in a new campaign all become yoriki for a magistrate after the first story arc. It's unlikely that they'll even be rank 2 by this time, but the Yoriki title gives them access to any kata of ranks 1-3.

Will it break something to give rank one characters access to any 1-3 kata like that? I know it's only for 24 exp, but still...

It's not just for 24 XP - it's for however long it takes them to fill that 24... because everything raised only counts towards one advancement tally, either school or title, not both. 

Possible results at 40 XP spent (SR=School Rank):

  • SR1, no title ability lots of ring raises and/or off-school/off-talent techniques and skills
  • SR2, no title ability
  • SR1, soon to be SR2. with title ability
  • SR1, not close to SR2, with title ability and modest ring raises. and off- abilities

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