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New Player Questions!

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Hey! New to anima here. Have been checking through the books and what not and i've been trying to grasp this huge pile of rules and charts. And so i've come accross a few things that I am wondering the collective knowledge of people way more experienced than me could anwser. I may just have glanced over the parts where the anwsers to my questions are in the book but i've found it increasingly difficult to find what I need in the books :/

1. In the arcana exxet book thing with the additional magic Sub-paths like literature or War. Is it possible to buy spells seperatly from those paths without having to dedicate yourself to the entire path by removing your free access slots?

2. Im thinking about taking the disadvantage Severe Fobia. And according to the fear state it says I get a -60 "All action penalty" to anything that is not related to me escaping the source of my fear. I cant for the life of me find what this "All action penalty" applies to. Like lets say I am in combat and the source of my fear is nearby. What exactly do I get this penalty on? Initiative? Defending myself? Attacking? Resisting pain? A full list would be very nice. Some examples too would be awsome.

3. If you buy spells seperate instead of investing in a path how does it work with the whole opposite paths making it twice as costly to learn of their counterparts? Example: Lets say I have no spells at all. Then I decide to buy a single creation spell. Does that mean if I later wanna buy a Single Destruction spell it will cost twice as much? What if I then Buy one of creation and destruction in this way. Does both kinds of spells suddenly costs double? What if I invest in a path (say creation) then buy a single destruction spell for double. Does it double my cost to invest in the entire creation path in the future?

4. Can you use your magical shields to protect others? If I cast a shield spell on myself can I use magic projection to move it to an ally or would I need to cast it again on said ally and maintain both? If you can shield an ally that way how does that work when he is attacked? Who's rolling to defend?

5. Im not sure where but probably in the book but it refeers to the different magic schools as "high paths" and some "low paths" does this mean anything special? I cant seem to figure out which path is what.

6. Like you can make multiple attacks in one attack action I've read you can cast multiple spells in a turn. What exactly would be the penalty for doing so? Lets say I have Magic accumilation of 50 and I want to cast one spell for 20 zeon and another for 30. I should be able to do it at the same time right?

7. With Innate magic it mentions if you cast a spell with a maintenance cost through your innate Zeon you can basicly keep it going forever but in doing so you cant cast another innate spell while maintaining it. That much I understand. But can you use your innate Zeon to maintain spells you have cast normaly? Lets say I have innate zeon of 20. Then I cast using my normal zeon spells that total up to 20 maintenance cost per turn. Can I spend my Innate magic to keep them maintained each turn thus not loosing any Zeon?

8. I'm currently making a wizard but I've noticed that wizards also get 20 psychic points. Then am I correct in that he later gets 1 more point every 3 levels of wizard? And is it worth spending these points on anything at all? If so on what? Seems like a waste to just let them sit there.

9. Same as the last question Wizards also gets Martial knowledge points and some ki. What could I possibly use those points for when you dont get as much as a more Ki focused class?

10. From the cultural bonuses if you use those from the lore book. Gives you some extra stuff for secondary skills. But I notice some gives like +10 Occult (Religion). What does the (religion) mean exactly? does only the +10 bonus apply to occult checks related to religion? what if I have more occult skill? Or is it like a specialization?

11. In the Arcana Exxet there are these Metamagic spheres. Anyone of those that sticks out as being better than the others? Are there any I should avoid?

12. General tips and tricks for making a wizard would be nice. Like how I should spend my points etc. :) thinking about making a creation wizard atm. So any spells that are like "must haves" and those I should avoid even outside the creation school would be nice to know.

I belive that Is everything I could think of at the moment im sure ill come up with more questions later but for now that is it. Thanks in advance.

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