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The joys of collecting obscure models...

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...with heavy sarcasm implied.

A regular gaming partner of mine wants to get me in on Warhammer fantasy (he hates AoS with a passion, so I'm unclear as to whether we'll be playing 8E or 9th Age, but I don't have a dog in that race so I'm happy with either), so I've been busy putting together a WFB army I've had kicking around my model bench for yonk's years. Said collection is, natch, a Chaos Dwarfs army, which I invested a bit in back when Forge World released the new line for them, mostly because I thought said models looked spectacular and I thought their lore was some of the most interesting out of any army in the setting.

Welp, naturally, the line apparently sold horribly and was never supported by GW so some of the models have now just been flat-out discontinued (the mould on one of their siege engines broke last year and FW has said they're not going to replace it) and it's impossible to find the book that has their old rules in it for 8th Edition (Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos). Plus it runs into the charmingly retro problem that not all their models have rules and not all their rules have models. The only upside is that several other companies took... *ahem*... some modest inspiration from GW's Chaos Dwarfs, both old and new, and released models of their own which range from meh to pretty amazing.

I'm still loving the look of the army, but man, trying to pull an army together *and* find rules for them is such a chore...

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