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Probably already answered/silly question:

Can Luke double move, use force push to pull stormtroopers into melee then use his charge ability?  or does charge have to happen after he moves before free actions takes place


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ty for answering, I literally just found the answer and was going to post or remove my original one haha


"For example, if Darth Vader performs a move action, he cannot then use the free card action on his equipped Force Push upgrade card before triggering his relentless ability. He must either use the free card action before moving or after the relentless ability resolves."

copied from the rules reference 

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I answered this before in "Charge Question" on Feb 14th. 


Indeed that would be a no how you would be doing it.

However, in order to make it a Yes... Luke moves followed by using Force Push (assuming able) to pull (storm/snow)trooper unit towards Luke, then move again into base contact now activating Charge.

Hope that helps. And, the only foolish or silly question is the question not asked.

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