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Director Krennic and the word 'also'

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We have been having a friendly debate on the wording of Krennic's card.


The wording is as follows:

While attacking at medium-long range, if you spent a CF dial you may also reroll any number of red dice in your attack pool.

If you spent a CF token you may also reroll up to 2 dice red dice in your attack pool.


My argument is that you gain the effect of the dial or token as well as the rerolls.

The dictionary definition of 'also' is 'in addition to'


The counter argument made was that you get only the rerolls.


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When the header is used, it means "you can resolve this when you resolve the command..."

As you say, it is an Also, not an instead of.


If there was an inherent "Instead of". then:


1) You couldn't change speed or add yaw in the turn you use Engine Techs

2) Rapid Launch bays would not allow you to activate a **** thing.



So clearly, based on one of the most common interactions we do (Engine Techs), Krennik is indeed a "in addition to", and you still do your normal Concentrate fire things.

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