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A Play-By-Post Interest Check

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It is the 20thyear of the reign of the glorious Son of Heaven, Hantei XXXVIII,and the Emerald Empire has stood for over a thousand years thanks to the great wisdom and beneficence of the Hantei Emperors, the kami, and the Heavens. 


Rokugan prospers by any measure, but where there is prosperity, there are those who crave it. At the Wall, the Shadowlands lurk, while intrigue intensifies conflicts in the heart of the Empire. Crime has become increasingly rampant in some parts of the Empire, while heresy lurks in others. 


However, that is all very distant from the minds of most – for not only has the Emerald Champion perished just very recently, but a new Topaz Champion is to take the title very soon. The most prestigious gempukkuceremony in the entire Empire, the Test of the Topaz Champion is to have an even more prestigious guest than usual – the Imperial Heir himself is to watch the contest!



Hello there fellow forumgoers! I’m endwaar, and some of you may already know me from the old AEG forums or other varied places. If not, well, that’s totally understandable – I’m not terribly distinctive, I think.


Anyways, after nearly four years of neglecting to come to these forums, I’ve been bitten by the itch to run a game of L5R again, and I figured I’d come here to see if anyone would be interested in playing in a game of mine.

A few things about me: I’ve run a few games and played a few more of L5R 4thedition, so I know a lot about the setting as it was. Heck, I even played a character at AEG’s last forum-based RP, and it was a blast. 


I’ve also been avidly devouring the new RPG books as they’ve come out. That said, I’ve never been a terribly mechanical sort of person, so I may need to rely on players to take initiative in telling me mechanics and whatnot. Finally, I haven’t been keeping abreast of the current fictions, so my Rokugan may look slightly different than the ones presented there, though I may make changes to my lack of knowledge as time goes on.


At the moment, I’m mostly looking for interest, rather than specific character ideas. Mostly, I’m thinking of running it via Google Docs, but I’m open to other suggestions. I also have a Discord, which I may make a server on for people to chat about the game, as well.


Hope to hear positive things soon! Thanks.

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