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First hyperspace Rebel list

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Hi all

i have my first hyperspace even at the weekend i am am trying to come up with a rebel based hyper space list.

i have currently come up with the following, as the amazing help and tips i got on my last list i thought i would come back to this fountain of knowledge to help me.

just for information i have only one Y wing so i can't have multiple in the list  , also i have no lose cargo tokens so can't use rigger chute ( my original idea) any help or tips would be great, even if it is scrap the whole list it is useless  :) 

my current idea would be have the Y wing and U wings group together and have wedge set up the other side  for some flanking moves. the other idea i had was repalce the Y wing with thane kyrell in a X wing and have the 3 point bid. but have him and wedge team fly together and the U wings fly together. 

Partisan Renegade — UT-60D U-Wing 43
Leia Organa 2
Tactical Officer 2
Pivot Wing 0
Ship Total: 47
Half Points: 24 Threshold: 4
Wedge Antilles — T-65 X-Wing 52
Elusive 3
R4 Astromech 2
Servomotor S-foils 0
Ship Total: 57
Half Points: 29 Threshold: 3
Partisan Renegade — UT-60D U-Wing 43
Tactical Officer 2
Pivot Wing 0
Ship Total: 45
Half Points: 23 Threshold: 4
Gray Squadron Bomber — BTL-A4 Y-Wing 31
Proton Torpedoes 12
R4 Astromech 2
Proximity Mines 6
Ship Total: 51

Half Points: 26 Threshold: 4


Any help would be great Kind regards 



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My, somewhat similar hyperspace rebels list, is as follows:

Saw (Leia)



Gold Squad Vet (Selfless, VTG, ICT)


Harder and more punishing to take down, thanks to Saw's rerolls and damage sharing. Hits a bit harder too

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