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Kiku Matsuri Targets

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Kiku Matsuri text: "During a conflict at this province, choose a participating character controlled by each player - Honor each of those characters."

I have been told that, unlike Shameful Display which was ambiguous as to which character would be honored and which dishonored, both targets this time must be able to be honored. In other words, you aren't allowed to choose an ordinary character of yours and an honored character of theirs. (If this is incorrect, stop me here :P) I am wondering if I am misunderstanding the rules here, or if this is an errata that's been clarified elsewhere. By my understanding of the rules, your choice must have the ability to change the state of the game, and choosing at least one ordinary character should ensure that. Is it being considered two separate choices, and each must be a valid choice? I've always considered the validity of choices as a set for the entirety of the triggered ability, rather than individual cases.


Edit: Sorry, I ran through the rules reference again and found the relevant ruling. It's not just that an action can't be initiated if it's outcome can't have an effect, there is also a similar restriction on each individual target. Sorry to clog up the forum, but I have my answer now.

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