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Dishonoring someone during the Display of Power step?

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has discussed how this one works, as it came up during a game and the new rules reference implies that it should work this way?

I am losing an undefended conflict by enough for the province to break, I play Display of Power, my opponent attempts to cancel it with Forged Edict dishonoring the courtier who was attacking, this reduces their attack value to something below the value to break, so he wins, Display of Power gets cancelled but he doesn't break the province?

3.2.3 Compare skill values.
-Display of power is triggered here...
-Forged Edict dishonors his attacker?
-Recheck Skill values? (not stated but I assume implied, as the new reference for Kakita Toshimoko in the rules has this same timing step?)

3.2.4 Apply unopposed (IE honor loss...)

3.2.5 Break province.

Citation: Rules reference, page 29

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