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Eddie painting - finished

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Some of you might have seen this on a facebook group, but I figured I'd post it here anyway. I finished painting everything for Imperial Assault. Not the best painter, but I got them to tabletop quality. I didn't do the stormtrooper group from wave 3, cause the base game has enough and I hate to paint them anyway. I did use one for the AT-DP base though. Was thinking to redo some figures, or buy an extra pack (e.g. the hired guns are terrible, so maybe buy an extra one for elites and paint them better).   But I think  I'm going to leave it as is and start with the next project. One (crappy phone) picture for each wave.

So please FFG, release some more so I can continue.













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Awesome! They all look great! Very nice paintjobs! Congrats on painting them all, that’s quite an accomplishment. How long did it take you to do all this? 

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I'm not quite sure how long it took. I probably started between the release of twin shadows and hoth. I'd paint a few figures, then a few months nothing. I did pick up the pace previous summer though, when I purchased a wet palette and painting was instantly more fun. I also didn't paint chronologically, but simply picked what I wanted to paint at that moment.

All in all, I guess I averaged at 2 hours for each figure. At 170 figures, you can do the math 😉 . Good thing I don't watch tv.

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10 hours ago, dysartes said:

The Lol-cats are looking good, Eddie - what was your approach for them?

From memory, I did the bases first for these as their legs are in the way. Only miniature I did the bases first. Base is a dark brown like steellegion drab, let it dry completely, then agrellan earth.

Painted everything of the miniature light-brown (I think zandri dust, not 100% sure, could be tallarn sand). Teeth with screaming skull.  A wash with heavy diluted agrax earthshade (1 agrax to 4 lahmian). Drybrush with the light-brown again and then the patterns with undiluted agrax.

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