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[MAFIA] Telos Military Base - HK Manufacturing Plant Sub Level

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Sign-ups open, flavor to come:


This game will be dual modded by myself and @Lord Preyer


Players in:













@Constantine Valdor





@Bertie Wooster


If I've forgotten anyone please tag them, the list is so long nowadays! 

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~~It is I, HK/PR-3Y3R with an urgent request~~

~~Please proceed to Planet Telos, Industrial Zone 64, Manufacturing level 15, HK sub level (designation: KOTOR2) for area unlock~~

~~NOTE: due to high toxicity atmospherics, Meatbags should wear survival suits. Superior Artificial lifeforms should bring weaponry designed to puncture survival suits~~


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21 minutes ago, BlueSquadronPilot said:

What is this, other than it being the mission from the  restoration mod?

Assuming you are asking about what the game is, and not the scenario (I can't remember if you have played with us before, some people play once and then drift off):


The basic style of game is, I believe, referred to as a 'social deduction' game. Other names for games like it are Werewolf and Night falls on Palermo.

Gameplay is as follows: The players are split into 2 or more teams, the main two being 'Town' and 'Mafia'. The players who make up the Town do not know each other's identity, but the mafia players do know each other (and by extrapolation, the town player's identity). The goal of town is to eliminate the mafia and vice versa.The game is split into two segments, 'Day' and 'Night'. During the day, all the players interact in trying to deduce who the mafia are and lynching them (booting them from the game). Obviously, the mafia here are trying to hide their identity and vote to boot town members. During the night, the mafia coordinate to eliminate one player. To spice up the game, what are known as 'power roles' are added, such as cops, who can scan a player each night to determine their team, doctors, who can protect a player from a night kill, and then there are the extra teams, known as '3rd parties', which are generally 1 player out to become the sole survivor.

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Just now, BlueSquadronPilot said:

I have not played,but I definitely appreciate the write up. Sounds very familiar, I want to say people made this type of game in star craft II. You organize and do this on a game or voip server ?

In a thread (probably this one). The day is generally a 48 hour period where posting is allowed. When the night falls (usually lasting 24 hours), no posting is allowed and the mafia converse in (typically) a google doc created for the purpose. 

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